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It’s not Tesco

My curiosity was raised by three words scratched on the empty shop window. “It’s not Tesco,” was a nicely enigmatic teaser which turns out to be true. The food store about to open in Canonmills is a very different kind of business.

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Sure the World Kitchen can stand the heat

Thanks to Helen we have a cunning plan.  A table plan, that is, for the World Kitchen in Leith event at Out of the Blue next week.  More to the point we also have a menu which makes us hungry just to think of it – and it’s a menu you won’t find in any other restaurant. But back for a moment to that table plan because we’re learning fast that there is much more to running a restaurant than writing the menu! Continue reading

Crumbs of comfort


Woytek takes one look at me and tells me very nicely to sit down. “I make you a cup of coffee, please take a seat.”  I am hot and a bit bothered but I do what he says. Sun pours through the window of Kleofas Cafe as I sit writing lists of all the things I have to remember before World Kitchen opens at Leith Festival tomorrow.  Then the coffee arrives with a slice of warm apple cake and suddenly I am in another time and place. Continue reading

Leith Farmers Market: bringing soul (and soul food) to Ocean Terminal


“There’s a man who looks as if he could do with a good sausage.”  The tone is cheerful and the comment clearly intended to stop us in our tracks. It works.  Mind you, the smell from the sizzling burgers and bangers might have done the trick too.  But Nick Paul is taking no chances.  He is determined to draw crowds to a new Farmers Market in a perhaps unlikely corner of Leith – and encourage them to spend good money while they are there Continue reading

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