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Irish passport to peace?

Please pardon any wobbly bits in the piece that follows. This was a two-fingered exercise on my iPad, written and posted by hand for Sceptical Scot from Seat 53 on the train from Edinburgh to Kings Cross. A journey long enough to explore two passports and changing identities.

Travelling light, I’m sitting on the train when I remember that last minute packing left no time for this month’s Sceptical Scot poetry blogpost. A routine check of essential documents finds an answer. Irish passport to the rescue.

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Nothing up my sleeve

At San Francisco airport we are offered a choice.  We can go through the bodyscanner or opt for a ‘thorough pat-down’.  Without giving it much thought we follow everyone else through the microwave. My man’s scan triggers an alarm which means waiting for a male security officer and a ‘pat-down in the soft parts’.   Continue reading

Times and tides of a small island

Government cuts won’t hurt Canna museum or library but real life makes itself felt in other ways. Island life is not for softies.

We got back to Edinburgh in the early hours this morning, now it’s evening before the day has properly begun. I always have difficulty adjusting to the clocks going forward but today my mind is still running on Canna time.

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