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Out of the heat and into the cool

As seen from the minstrels gallery

On a brief break from the heat of the kitchen this was a moment to enjoy – overlooking the Out of the Blue Drill Hall Arts Cafe transformed for the night into the World Kitchen in Leith. But there is something else about the sound.

Music, provided by our minstrels Anny and Dougal of RadioMagnetic, is Quantic – Mishaps Happening (Tru Thoughts) and I also like that bassline hum from the folks having a good time.  I noticed it as soon as I emerged from the kitchen, maybe my muso friends can tell me what makes that sound so distinctive  and unmistakeable – not at all like a hen night or any other booze up. No shouting, no shrieks,  no gut grinding guffaws – just a lovely flow of chatter and laughter…

Lots more World Kitchen stuff on Leith Open Space blog. Right now I am absolutely blogged out.

But I see OoTB have got more great gigs coming up including a free brunch with the bunch from No Fit State Circus on Saturday 14th August.


  1. Fay

    I think we were all a bit terrified the night before it happened but enjoyed the event more than we ever dared to imagine.

  2. Jean Richards

    Well done. It looked a lot of fun as well as hard work. Great poster too!

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