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Summertime blues

Bees may be disappearing from hives across the world but they are crawling all over my herb patch. Good to know there’s something edible in the vegetable garden. The plot has never looked better since Ray made new paths and edged all the borders in wood during that spring heat wave. But it has never been so unproductive.


It’s a suicidal summer and the veg seem depressed by it too. Most of the seeds I ordered in March have disappeared without trace in the wet earth. For the first time ever my onion crop looks miserable, there are all of two pea plants struggling between the Jerusalem artichokes, broad beans are few and far between and the runner beans have hardly made it above ground. Only the herb patch is flourishing. But at least the bees are having a good time.


  1. Administrator

    Unfortunately no beehive yet. I have started Googling for local beekeepers association to see if anyone wants to keep a hive on our plot. My cunning plan is that we might get some honey but someone else would do the work of looking after the bees.

  2. Robert

    But at least the bees are having a good time.

    So presumably your beehive is producing a bumper crop of honey?

    You do have a beehive, don’t you?

  3. Pauline

    Poor you with the vegetables, it is so disheartening when you don’t get anything back from all the hard work. But the garden looks good anyway, or what we can see of it!

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