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Gone fishing


I’m off and away for a week to the island of Canna where the summer has been hot and dry, so dry they had to cancel some holiday bookings because there wasn’t enough water to cope with extra visitors. I have a horrible feeling that lack of water won’t be the problem by the time we get there. Still, we’ve got books and booze and good company and a roof over our heads. What more could we possibly want? Well, ok, some sun would be very nice.


  1. fay

    Ah, the book game! I guess Ray and I were playing a kind of book game, reading lots of island history. Very interesting but not as much fun as the book game we played in Caslum, the shepherd’s cottage. You really will have to go back to Canna and see how smart all the cottages look now – and there is a new boat which even I can travel on without getting sea sick.

  2. Andy

    Fay, your trip brings back many happy memories. Will you be playing the “book game”?!

    I’d love to go back to Canna at some point. Such a beautiful and unspoilt place – a million miles away from the hussle and bustle of city life. Have fun!

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