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No, no, no. Not that RBS (though the old bank might do well to invest in real young talent). This is the Royal British Society of Sculptors and their current exhibition Material Rites just happens to feature the work of our Tommy Perman, Ziggy Campbell and Simon Kirby (aka a rearrangement of FOUND the band). Thanks to Ray Perman for tracking them down on his latest trip to London, here’s what he found.

Sounds in spacethe first thing that meets you in the gallery

Unfortunately my visit to see the latest Found installation coincided with a temporary fault. The helpful and enthusiastic gallery manager assured me it had been working earlier in the day and I’m glad to hear Simon managed to fix it remotely soon after my departure. Although I didn’t get the full effect  it looked good and was prominently displayed – the first thing you see as you enter the gallery.

It’s a nice space in an interesting building. Tommy would love it – old world charm hard up against a Shell garage. [If you don’t know Tommy’s work, look here and you will see what Ray means.]

As I was queuing to get into the Virgin lounge at Euston at 6.50 this morning, I met Cybraphon’s biggest fan. Sir Tim O’Shea, Principal of Edinburgh University, always spontaneously launches into praise of the Found Collective. I think you should both push for honorary professorships. [Simon Kirby of course is already a prof].

I send you this verse to inspire your next venture – embedded in the floor of St Pancras Station.

And congratulations to Sandy Wood of the RSA who curated the RBS exhibition of Scottish sculptors.

Ed: Thank you Ray, I really should have been working on something completely different but, come on, everyone deserves a break.

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    These Found boys get everywhere, Ziggy was getting lyrical earlier this week on a panel including a certain I.Rankin and K. Creosote

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