Phew! I have finally finished the FEAST and now I have to stop myself clicking on the YouTube link to see how the film viewings are clocking up. (Quite nicely as it happens, wonder if the sponsors have added to the numbers or if it’s all down to friends and family).


Alan mixes film with food and music after a nasty moment when the screen didn’t work.

So much to learn, so little time. I had a few nasty moments last week when I thought I had wrecked the website by trying to edit the video Alan made and Tommy uploaded for me. Of course I wasn’t trying to edit the actual video just the words round it. Even so I seemed to mess up the entire home page. Luckily Tommy knew how to fix it though it looked a total disaster area to me. Then when I was iMailing out the blog newsletter the test version kept getting stuck in my spam filter so I feared it wouldn’t reach anyone else, let alone the sponsors.

I imagine Scottish Enterprise must have very fierce defences against spam. I hope they have been able to see what we did with their money and like it but I have no idea whether they got the blog newsletter (amazing wee programme iMail) or the email I sent separately just to make sure. Whatever, I feel good about finishing my part in a very unusual, and successful, street event.


All in all, I have learned a lot since that meal back in April when I met Kimho and Filip in Saigon Saigon restaurant (the place in Edinburgh for Dim Sum Kimho tells me)and I ate my first chicken feet (surprisingly yellow and crunchy) as we chewed over ideas for an intercultural arts event using film and music to communicate the message that food brings people together.

For one thing I discovered the problems small arts groups face in trying to raise funding. By the odd rules of business: the smaller the event, the harder it is to raise money to make it happen.

So good for Scottish Enterprise backing what might have seemed a pretty whacky idea. And now, in return they get some good stories in our FEAST blog and that three minute film beautifully made by Alan. No, I am not going to click on YouTube to see if the viewings have gone up again. Not until at least tomorrow morning.