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Snowdrops greet Pond Cottage spring in a hard hat

I did not expect to survive,

earth suppressing me

Snowdrops: Louise Gluck

They sparkle. Even on dull days they light up the ground beneath our trees and this year they are putting on a particularly heroic display, defiantly poking through hard ground compacted by our long winter of construction work.  They survive!  Do not be deceived by their dainty, demure flowers, dear garden visitor: snowdrops are a truly tough bunch. 

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What’s the story in a Russian passport?

Some passports arouse an obliging smile
While others are treated as mud. Vladimir Mayakovski

A passport can conceal or reveal, open or close. Who knows how the true-blue British passport will be treated after Brexit, but right now Russian travellers are likely to be attracting more than average scrutiny at border control. And none too many smiles. Continue reading

Poetry breaks the silence of dementia

Over the Years, a poem about ageing and Alzheimer’s, stirs a sad, sweet memory but also hope. Dementia is part of family life – and loss – for so many of us now and I remember how it silenced my once sociable father. Yet Paula Jennings’ poetry, drawing on her work in a nursing home, invites a new way of talking and listening.

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