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Leith Farmers Market: bringing soul (and soul food) to Ocean Terminal


“There’s a man who looks as if he could do with a good sausage.”  The tone is cheerful and the comment clearly intended to stop us in our tracks. It works.  Mind you, the smell from the sizzling burgers and bangers might have done the trick too.  But Nick Paul is taking no chances.  He is determined to draw crowds to a new Farmers Market in a perhaps unlikely corner of Leith – and encourage them to spend good money while they are there Continue reading

Stop Tesco destroying Broughton


Update March 26: Tesco is coming to Broughton, what will happen to local shops?  See Broughton awaits Tesco Express

Can we stop Tesco dominating the landscape? I feel strongly that we can and must. But we will need to be quick. Letters to protest against yet another Tesco store in the Broughton area have to reach the council’s head of planning by 20 March.  That’s just over a week to raise a campaign against  wanton destruction of local character and independence. Continue reading

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