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Crumbs of comfort


Woytek takes one look at me and tells me very nicely to sit down. “I make you a cup of coffee, please take a seat.”  I am hot and a bit bothered but I do what he says. Sun pours through the window of Kleofas Cafe as I sit writing lists of all the things I have to remember before World Kitchen opens at Leith Festival tomorrow.  Then the coffee arrives with a slice of warm apple cake and suddenly I am in another time and place. Continue reading

It’s a sell out but we can all still go to the Convention on Modern Liberty

Are human rights at risk?  Inside today’s Guardian Jack Straw argues that Britain is the asylum seekers’ country of choice because people still  have more rights and protection here than anywhere else. Oh yes? On the front page of the paper there is another article which gives a clue as to why  tomorrow’s Convention on Modern Liberty is sold out in London. Continue reading

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