“It’s just a really special experience…I would say to any musician of any rank, to apply for it because it really teaches you a lot about other people and their cultures and music.” Ben Westbeech (definitely not Westwood!) on Trocabrahma Podcast Episode 2.


This is interesting stuff, so far the Trocabrahma series is the only download I have managed from the online Channel 4 Radio (though I intend to try their Unreported World series too). I like being a fly on the wall as Ben Westbeech sorts through his discoveries in a record store, “like a kid in a sweet shop” with sound so clear you can hear him unzipping his record bag (well, I think that’s what he was doing).

It’s very clever, understated marketing by Brahma beers; what really comes through is that everyone on the 30 minute show (including the velvety voiced Diplo and the very assured Gilles Peterson) seem to be doing it for the love of the music. It is a genuine cultural exchange. Between Brazilian and UK musicians backstage in rehearsal, out on the town and in live performances. Learning about each other through music – we can do with a lot more of that!

I subscribed to the Trocabrahma podcast via iTunes but you can do it through Feedburner too.