Bliss. Blogging in the sun, sitting outside with birds singing, bees humming, light breeze ruffling sea-shore sounds from the aspen leaves and only the distant hiss of hot tyres on the M90 across the fields reminding me that tiresome hustle and bustle goes on beyond Pond Cottage.


dappled shade on the grass


Perversely, I’m about to blog about some of that busyness – writing about city streets, conjuring up the urban jungle from the serene viewpoint of a white plastic chair with a black coffee beneath the shade of a gently weeping birch.

But the glare of the sun makes it impossible to work on the screen outside so with a nod to the slow life I’ve left the laptop charging (thank you wind generator) indoors while I rediscover how to capture thoughts with nothing more technically challenging that an old school biro and paper. I just need to decipher it later.

Now, where was I?  Ah, yes about to wander virtually round the streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh with Walking Heads. Come with me? But maybe not until the sun has stopped shining. The streets will still be there.


Handwritten notes in front of the computer screen