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Many a slip…thank goodness

Thank you, thank you Jim Naughtie.  Yesterday was a pretty grim day news wise apart from that wonderful slip of the tongue on Today.  And, oh, it was an accident waiting to happen,  some people have names that invite mischief. Reminds me when I was a trainee reporter, on my newspaper in East Anglia we had an advertising manager by the name of Fluck. One day a very nice old lady came into the front office and asked to speak to Mr Clunt.

Perhaps the best thing about Naughtie’s verbal slip was that it seemed to be so highly contagious.  Andrew Marr did the exact same thing just half an hour or so later on Start the Week and then, bless me, didn’t the hapless Herbert let it slip in the House of Commons in the afternoon. Accident or subconscious design?

The Right Hon Culture Secretary takes it all in good part apparently.  But then he went to Charterhouse public school and Oxford.  Hard to believe Jeremy Hunt’s surname has never inspired a schoolboy’s rhyming couplet before now. To say nothing of his politics.

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  1. John

    Best say nothing about his politics. The coalition brings out the tourettes in many of us!

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