The next instant it was gone – and so was our dinner. Ed Malone in the Lost World

Hot foot in the snow to St Andrew Square to check poetry stakes are still in place. So far so good, though last week I obviously blogged too soon. The Lost World vanished from the garden within a day of me writing about it. Prose, poetry, pictures and willow stakes: gone without trace.


Take 2 (or, actually, please don’t take any just yet):  Lost World poems and pictures replanted in St Andrew Square in fading light on Friday afternoon.  I shot up to the square on Saturday morning to capture the scene but, would you believe it, the camera battery died just as a group of young people gathered to read poems by the pond.  You will just have to take my word for it.


Two days later.  This time I’ve got new batteries.


So I catch a couple of readers.


And another one.

That’s it.  City of Literature Lost World Read is on for the month of February. It’s anyone’s guess how long the poetry will stay planted in the garden.  But if it’s gone by the time you get there, you can catch lots more at the Scottish Poetry Library in the High Street.

A huge black shadow, twenty feet across, skimmed up into the air; for an instant the monster wings blotted out the stars, and then it vanished over the brow of the cliff above us. Ed Malone in The Lost World