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Gone fishin

Time for bed, tomorrow we are off to Berlin by train on a long slow journey from Edinburgh Waverley.  I am still struggling to decide whether I should take my laptop. Maybe I should just fill my bag with books.  On the other hand I might just look out of the window and watch the miles go by.  Blisssssss.

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    On the train to Kings Cross (running just a little late) and I didn’t bring my laptop but luckily Ray did because looking out the window at Peterborough I see the Green Backyard. It’s a brilliant use of derelict space – playground, community garden and vegetable allotments and they have just planted an orchard.

    Just the sort of thing Leith might do on one of those pieces of ground that will not be developed for buildings until well the other side of the age of austerity.

    If anyone picks this up before I get back, check out the green backyard website and Facebook page. I’m looking out the window…

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