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FOUND in chocolate (where else?)

Kev, Ziggy and Tommy enjoy the band

Proud parents have followed FOUND the band to all kinds of places. We missed the Small Isles Festival on Eigg but made it to T in the Park, and a  container gig (no kidding) in a car park  plus sundry clubs in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. We were away when Lauren Laverne played their new chocolate single  on BBC 6. Still not kidding –  we saw, heard and ate the proof at the Cupar bakery where the brilliantly bonkers confection was made. Just listen to this and marvel…

It is a bit scratchy but you have to keep telling yourself this is a chocolate disc spinning on a turntable with a stylus grooving the tracks of FOUND’s Anti Climb Paint pressed into a mixture made from 53.8% cocoa solids.

You couldn’t make it up, except that the Milne family did. The young bakers from Cupar are enthusiastic followers of FOUND and that stirred a subconscious urge for a music video in the very smart Fisher and Donaldson bakery.  One crazy idea led to another. As Jade’s instruction card with the chocolate record explains:

After a pretty scary few weeks of mistakes and unplayable records FOUND sent over the pressing of Anti Climb Paint and things started to come together

Ms Laverne (quite cool enough to handle chocolate) was impressed. Since tonsilitis prevented Ziggy and the rest of the band travelling to London, she played the chocolate version of Anti Climb Paint on BBC6  then ate it “just like the Vikings” – a Laverne tweet which Ray and I couldn’t quite understand when we picked it up during our trip to Oslo: we were surrounded by Viking lore and not a trace of chocolate (Maybe just as well FOUND didn’t get to her studio).

Moment of truth in the Cupar bakery: it took two attempts but it played

On Sunday we took the train to Cupar to see for ourselves and enjoyed every moment of a mad evening. As Ziggy’s voice is not quite recovered, the bakers stood in for FOUND and put on a great show – along with a performance from King Creosote and finale from Kev’s River of Slime (I know, deliciously out of place in a chocolate factory).

Now our copy of the single is in a cool dark place awaiting a suitable occasion. The instructions recommend a half hour in the freezer before playing. Will we keep it after that or make a nice cup of cocoa? Rock n roll for proud parents.

Ziggy and Kev (on right) pay tribute to the bakers’ band, and where was Tommy?

Excuse the blur (I must have been nervous!)


  1. Administrator

    Great to meet you too Martine, and you’re quite right – we couldn’t bring ourselves to drink it either!

  2. Martine

    It was a great gig and it was lovely to meet you and Ray. The fact that I also visited the infamous Pond Cottage made it a lovely weekend overall 🙂

    I like the idea of having a cup of FOUND hot chocolate … but I suspect we won’t be able to bring ourselves to snap the record. It shall be stored in the cupboard for years to come (back off Edinburgh mice!)

    Martine x

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