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Christmas rapping recycled

Sno Biz from Tommy Perman on Vimeo.

Here’s something to cheer me up and maybe you too. I started the morning fed up with the snow, tired of people oohing and aaahing about how pretty it looks on Twitter, and wondering how much longer it can go on. Then I discover Tommy has recycled some old Christmas rapping on Facebook.

It’s wonderfully wicked. And probably a bit odd for a mother to be so proud of signs of her sons’ mis-spent youth. I daren’t tell you about the alphabet rap that Tommy and Bobby composed for the PPC (and don’t even ask what PPC stands for). Like a lot of rap the alphabet was infectiously, fiendishly funny – long before anyone said LOL I laughed out loud, sitting on my own in the car at traffic lights, when we got to the letter F.

I always wanted the boys to produce a Fringe show based on the PPC. But the ecard they made for Radio Magnetic may be a better alternative – the day it was released two (or was it three?) Christmases ago Sno Biz was briefly a YouTube top hit. And it recycles very nicely.

Now slightly concerned that the boys are becoming too respectable. There’s Tommy in Found, on the Fence Label and about to release an album with Chemikal Underground next year. Bobby, aka S-Type, gets promotion on the List for  his new single on Scottish label Phuturelabs.  And Dougal’s Radio Magnetic celebrates as the UK’s longest running internet radio station with a Winter Rave in Glasgow on 18th December.

Wish I could blame the parents.

(perhaps it is time to pay that long overdue tribute to Broughton High School. Back soon with the BHS hall of fame…)


  1. Administrator

    What a nice surprise to find you here Jean…yes, I did hear Ron Butlin on the radio. He’s a really nice guy, the Makar (Poet Laureate) of Edinburgh and I loved the line ‘Edinburgh gone Brueghel’ but I must admit I have been very glad to see the snow melt away and am very sorry to hear that it might be on the way back!

  2. Jean Richards

    Lovely to see/hear the rap again and to know the boys’ plans are going well.
    You must be so fed up with the snow.
    Some guy (… Butlin?) on Today this morning, was waxing lyrical about the effect the weather is having on Edinburgh(ers). Evidently people are being more considerate to each other and crime is down. I hope it’s a consolation.

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