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Bloody February again


What a difference a year makes.  I’ve been wanting to post pictures of our Natural Progression to winter since, well,  since we progressed to winter.  Hard to believe it is a year to the day since Susie installed her bamboo sculpture on the edge of the pond.

Flashback to 22 February 2009 – a sunny Sunday warm enough to work in the woods without coats, hats and scarves


Twelve months of rain, wind, sun and snow later the bamboo is still cheering me up when I walk through the woods.


The odd winter storm has knocked it about a bit but as soon as the ground thaws enough we will soon knock it back into shape.

So happy birthday Natural Progression. One year old today.  And happy birthday Bobby. Congratulations on naturally progressing to 24– come to think of it, February has some good points.

Full circle – winter, spring, summer, autumn and winter again



summer1 autumn


.This is a picture Dougal took in the big snow of January. That has melted but there was hard frost on the ground again yesterday and the ducks were skating on the pond.



  1. Administrator

    What a lovely surprise to get your comment Jean. I’m just doing a late night slog because I have to meet a deadline at the Botanics soon so I was just tucking up my blog for the night and found you were there! I really like the idea of remembering friends and family through recipes – I have some fantastic letters from Great Aunty Ada with recipes for ginger bread and lemonade. Hard to read and spattered in butter stains but real heirlooms!

  2. Jean

    Hi Fay, For some reason I remembered your blog this morning-such a lot to catch up on since I last visited.
    I am now up to date with winter at Pond Cottage and the Poetry Garden and have made a note of Mridu’s recipe.
    The World Kitchen at Leith Festival looked to be along the lines of The Hairy Bikers’ Mother Knows Best series which was good winter TV. Some visitors to their Road Shows took along ancient handwritten recipe books from generations of grandmothers. What a lovely thing to have. I think I must collect together my index cards and scraps of paper and start one.

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