Welcome back to the Broughton music festival (see yesterday’s blog).  Thank goodness for the alphabet because it would be impossible to give any other order of priority to these highly individual musicians.  What they all have in common is a desire to experiment and a strong collaborative streak. A roll of drums please for Andy Bain…

Andrew Bain

Specialised in percussion at Edinburgh Music School Last saw Andy playing at Henry’s Jazz Bar in Edinburgh, stirring fond memories of Broughton jazz and wind bands. Plays far and wide these days, with CV covering Guildhall School of Music and Drama plus Manhattan School of Music, New York. Andy performs and teaches in UK and US. Co-director of National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Scotland, Instructor of jazz Drumset at Birmingham Conservatoire and instructor of jazz for City of Edinburgh Music School.

Adam Brown

[cd cover by Tommy Perman]

Guitar specialist at Edinburgh Music School. Like Morgan (see below) Adam has a special feeling for Latin American composers. From Broughton Adam went to Royal College of Music in London and Juilliard School in New York City ( he was the first guitarist to obtain Julliard’s Artist Diploma degree) then to a doctorate in composition at University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

His first album The Rebels Within was released in 2009 (For the time being I have given up trying to embed YouTube links for everyone – they keep disappearing – but click here to enjoy Adam’s performance videos). Now London based. Sadly, we missed his last performance in Edinburgh but he keeps coming back.

Twisted Mile

WOODENBOX with A Fistful of FiversMyspace Video

Sam Evans

Saxophonist in Broughton jazz and wind bands (if you look hard you can spot him in the video above). Not a professional musician –  Sam’s day job is social work – but you will see him performing at rock festivals round Scotland in his time off Sam plays saxophone in Edinburgh country rock and jazz band Woodenbox whose first album Home and the Wildhunt was released 2010 and the band are off to SxSW this summer.

Bobby Perman

Percussionist in Broughton jazz and wind bands To many, he’s better known as S-Type, electronica producer with a new single launched on Phuturelabs Glasgow label and he will be launching a new project on LuckyMe later this year. His day job is music producer and sound editor at Inner Ear where he’s also a programme maker for Radio Magnetic [ Rumour has it, he’s planning to reintroduce live drums into stage performance]

Tommy Perman

Soprano sax in jazz band, clarinet in wind band but you will see him on bass these days. One of the recent Vital Spark award winners. Tommy (the one on the left) is part of Found. The experimental  pop band have a publishing deal with Domino Records and record deal with Chemikal Underground. Can be FOUND in art galleries, warehouses and even storage containers. From SXSW to Small Isles Festival. Creators of emotional robot band Cybraphon

Dougal Perman

Oboe in wind band. Guitar in jazz band, member of Broughton Youth Theatre.  Co-founder of the UK’s longest running internet radio station. Radio Magnetic is part of Dougal’s production company Inner Ear, digital media creatives who work with the likes of Channel 4, BBC and Scottish Enterprise. And music is the theme that pulls it all together. Also on the board of the Scottish Music Industry Association. (Rumoured to be working on a composition for many metronomes as well as planning a big Radio Magnetic tenth birthday party).

Ruth Ross

[anyone got a picture?]

Trumpet in Broughton jazz band and wind bands, an Edinburgh Music School specialist. More recently we saw Ruth making wonderfully innovative music at the Bongo Club in Edinburgh. Classical doesn’t properly describe her style. Now specialises in trumpet and natural trumpet. Performs in classic orchestra and jazz ensembles, and plays early natural trumpet in the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

Emma Smith

[here’s a nice pic of Emma  but would be good to get one of her on stage with Gorillaz or Morgan maybe]

Double bass player, Emma spent 6th year in the Edinburgh Music School at Broughton and graduated from Royal College of Music. Look for her playing bass with Gorillaz, but her innovative and experimental repertoire ranges far and wide. Emma is equally at home with Latin American and Flamenco.  She also teaches at Edinburgh Music School.

Morgan Szymanski

[aaargh my version of WordPress just ate Morgan’s Machaca video, will try to upload again soon]

Guitar specialist Edinburgh Music School and then graduate of Royal School of Music, Morgan launched a new international ensemble Machaca with a sparkling event in the Purcell Room at the Southbank Centre and they are now on to their second CD.  Passionate about Latin American music, Morgan introduced us to the Buena Vista Social Club (no, not literally) and is effectively Mexico’s music ambassador to Europe – (despite the name he is Mexican). He regularly returns to perform in Edinburgh

Chris Wheeler

Trombone in jazz band and wind bands, an Edinburgh Music School specialist Chris is a creative entrepreneur. He founded the Heritage Orchestra in 2004 because he was disillusioned with classical music. Chris also appears as a ‘cultural engineer’ on Dream Factory website. Quoted as wanting to transcend styles, shatter stereotypes, experiment with art and music (no pressure then). CD links to follow…

Abi Wingate

Saxophonist in Broughton jazz and wind bands, teaching music in Thailand and then she’s cycling all the way home…more about that very soon.  [by the way, her mum made the waistcoats the Broughton jazz band wore at all their prize winning concerts]